Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It has been almost two months since I posted the last entry. A quick update:

I am currently focusing on mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms.

The teleXLR8 project to which I have dedicated much of 2010 is on hold and waiting for funding. See teleXLR8 wants to be the “TED” for virtual worlds on HyperGrid Business and this summary for a background. I think the first experimental phase of the project has been very successful, and I am still persuaded that online telepresence talks are the way to go. I hope somebody with more money will continue the project where I left, or launch a similar project.

I have given up many projects and I am now doing only work for hire (see my new website Perhaps I can help you?

I will write more on other online magazines and blogs such as H+ Magazine (at this moment under renovation), and the great Space Collective site (see my recent post on We must protect the Internet), and post links, excerpts and comments here. But I am not known for strictly following rules, so I will also continue posting original content here.


  1. Streamlining your life? Glad to see you're going to be doing more writing for H+ Magazine. If I had enough money to start a real entrepreneurial effort, you would certainly make my hire list (I can dream...)

  2. Thanks Paul. Dreaming is always the first step. Then it takes hard work and some luck. I am waiting for your call ;-)

  3. Giulio, for me you've been an inspiring example of combining dreams with work.

  4. As you have been for me, Lincoln. We need both visionary dreaming and hard working.