Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Engineering Transcendence: Addendum from 2011

My article "Engineering Transcendence: Addendum from 2011" has just been published on H+ Magazine. In this sequel to my old article "Engineering Transcendence" I discuss transhumanist spirituality, its parallels with religions and its potential as a better alternative to religion. The inspiring picture above is taken from Extropia DaSilva's very good follow-up post, also posted to KurzweilAI Forums with some interesting comments.


  1. Giulio

    At the risk of adding to your already very full plate, I do hope you will someday write a book.

    Meanwhile, thank you for all you are doing for everyone, everywhere.

    (Rev.) Peter H. Christiansen

  2. Thanks Peter. I am writing a book... at a rate of about one page per year. If there are no practical advances in life extension soon, I will have to make it a very short book :-)