Monday, September 19, 2011

My talk at the Humanity+ community event in Second Life

See "Transhumanist Avatars Storm Second Life" on H+ Magazine: "More than 80 transhumanist avatars stormed the virtual world of Second Life for a community event organized by Humanity+ on September 15. This has been by far the largest virtual transhumanist event that I have seen, and I believe I have seen them all..." Read more on H+ Magazine, and see my presentation and the full video of the event below.

As I noted in my talk, we should forget the pessimism of the last decade, whose tone was set by 9/11, and go back to the solar and positive optimism of transhumanism in the 90s, occasionally naive, often politically incorrect, but always vibrant, full with energy and inspiring visions. Also, back to space, and why not back to the sixties (a truly magic decade.) I have been very happy to find the same spirit also in the talks of the other speakers, and the comments from the audience. Is this the beginning of a transhumanist Renaissance?

My presentation on Slideshare:

Video on Youtube

This video beginning with Ben’s talk (sorry Natasha, your opening talk is missing) was recorded from a fixed point of view behind the lectern. There is also a lower resolution but longer version of the same video, including the last part of the Q/A session. Thanks to Kim and Jack for recording the videos.