Friday, December 19, 2008

My resignation from the WTA / H+ Board

I have resigned today from the Board of Directors of the World Transhumanist Association, soon to be better known by its new name Humanity+.

I can see that a majority of the Board intend to take Humanity+ to new directions, more moderate and mainstream, perhaps more thoughtful, ethical and socially responsible, but also less radical and visionary. Humanity+ may become a nice, soft-spoken, moderate, ethical, responsible and politically correct quasi-mainstream social club, with only vestigial ties to hardcore transhumanism. I respect the opinion of the majority, and wish Humanity+ all the best. At the same time, by resigning I have expressed my very strong personal disagreement.

Note that, while I denounce what I perceive as watering down the transhumanist message of the late lamented WTA, and regret changing the nature of one of the few global transhumanist organizations, I am fully persuaded that Humanity+ can play an important positive role in today's world. As a moderate, mainstream organization with some ties to transhumanism, Humanity+ may eventually make moderate versions of transhumanist ideas more easily accessible and acceptable to the world of mainstream science, culture and policy making, and to the public at large. So I will support Humanity+ and do my best to collaborate on ad-hoc basis. But I don't think I have much more to offer. Like everyone, I only have limited time available, and I will dedicate it to promoting a more radical and visionary interpretation of transhumanism.

Almost two years ago (even Cassandras can be right at times) I wrote a blog article on Transhumanism, young whores and old bigots. I still subscribe to each and every word I wrote in this article, which can explain my position in more detail.

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