Sunday, May 3, 2009

More straw man attacks from eugenicist bioluddites

On Carrico's bioluddite Amor Mundi blog there is a post titled Let's Be Mean to Giulio Prisco where Carrico and his disciples engage in their usual insults to me and other transhumanists, of course without bothering to substantiate their crap with any actual fact or quote. One of their favored straw man attacks is that transhumanists are "eugenicists".

One poster accuses me of being a eugenicist: "You're a eugenicist because you think you're in a better position to determine what's better for people-not-you than those actual people are, because you don't think it necessary to consult said people-not-you to make that determination, and because you would unilaterally impose your notion of the better on those people-not-you with not so much as a 'by your leave.".

I have said exactly the opposite hundreds of times, on many discussion groups including Carrico's blog. So I can only answer by inviting the poster to find one quote, just one, in support of his crap. He is, of course, fabricating his straw man out of thin air and in complete disregard for what I actually say, and there are hundreds of consistent records all over the internet. What I find really amusing is that the same poster also accuses me of "not listening".

Then he says: "you're not even human" and invites me to "jump in front of the closest fast-moving bus or train", which does not really deserve serious consideration. I will only note that similar statements can be, and have been, interpreted as exhortations to violence.

And then the best: "dear god, I hope this moron isn't procreating". Which is, as other posters have noted, a very eugenicist thing to say.

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