Sunday, September 5, 2010

Suzanne Gildert on Quantum Computing in Teleplace, September 4

Suzanne Gildert gave a talk in Teleplace on “Building large-scale quantum computers: Fundamentals, technology and applications” on September 4, 2010. See also Suzanne’s own post on “Online seminar on Quantum Computing“, where she has renamed the talk “Quantum Computing: Separating Hope from Hype“, abstract: “The talk will explain why quantum computers are useful, and also dispel some of the myths about what they can and cannot do. It will address some of the practical ways in which we can build quantum computers and give realistic timescales for how far away commercially useful systems might be.“ See this page with the full video of the talk, Q/A and discussion.

This has been a great talk on a very interesting subject area by an excellent speaker who makes things clear and as simple as they can be made. Thanks Suzanne for the great talk and thanks to the (about 30) participants who contributed to the discussion with very interesting questions and comments. For those who could not attend we have recorded everything (talk, Q/A and discussion) on video.

NOTES: We just uploaded all raw video files recorded with the video recording feature built in Teleplace, it takes much less work than video editing. To download the source .mp4 video files from, open the “Files and Links” box.

Don’t mind the initial 2-3 minutes of audio noise caused by participants who had started playing recorded video files in Teleplace. Their state vectors have been collapsed to a harmless ground state by using a (patent pending) doomsday quantum processing device developed by the participant known as "Machine Overlord", a virtual version of which has been coded for Teleplace by the participant known as "Chris".

See also the News and discussion forum on KurzweilAI.

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