Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I cani abbaiano, e la carovana passa

Commento a The Complicated Politics of Italian Transhumanism Part 2:

Spero che gli autori dell' articolo mi perdoneranno di non prenderli sul serio.

Li prenderò più sul serio quando cominceranno a dedicare più tempo alla promozione del transumanismo in Italia. Ma non se continueranno a mostrarsi unicamente interessati alla loro vecchia e stanca campagna diffamatoria contro una singola persona.

Intanto, l' AIT pubblica libri, riviste culturali, appare sui media nazionali, gestisce gruppi di discussione popolari e vibranti, e continua il suo lavoro di diffusione della nostra visione transumanista.

I cani abbaiano, e la carovana passa.

UPDATE: C' è stata una vigorosa discussione, troncata dal moderatore dopo 25 interventi. Il mio ultimo commento:

While I am not going to waste time by replying to the not very cogent posts of the anti-AIT clique, I think this exchange shows how politics is never simple.

We are used to simplified binary political categories like right-left, authoritarian-liberal, reactionary-progressive, individualist-collectivist, but the reality is much more entangled, and often difficult to disentangle. This is always true, but it may be especially evident in Italian politics.

History shows that, in Italy, the early fascist party was closely associated to socialist groups not only before, but also after its rise to power in the 20s. Conversely, the socialist and especially the communist parties after the war were run as authoritarian dictatorships. Some of the groups mentioned in this debate are especially difficult to classify. The old right-left, socialist-fascist binary labels don't apply, and we seem to need new categories.

Or, even better in my opinion, we need to stop insisting on easy, binary and worn-out categories, and start paying more attention to what persons and groups actually say and do. Are they in favor of X? Are they against Y? What is their proposed approach to solve Z?

The only thing I can say is: If you agree with me on most of the issues that I consider important, I will consider you as a political ally. If you not only agree with me, but also do something to advance our common agenda, I will consider you as a very valuable political ally. Regardless of labels.

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