Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google Street View in Second Life

Google Street View in Second Life. A very preliminary experiment with Second Life Viewer 2.0. Watch this video on where my Second Life avatar walks (well, sort of) in Street View's NYC.

Perhaps with some clever coding we can implement Street View as a fully interactive multiuser metaverse within Second Life, by converting avatar movement (walk, rotate, look around) to clicks and drags on a surrounding Street View display. Sounds doable.


  1. Cool! A few possible suggestions..

    Play a walking animation and shrink your avatar. That would also keep your arm from being up interacting with the prim. Next step, using street view integration to business web pages you are passing to go shopping. :)

  2. Hmm. I can imagine a very interesting New Year's eve party in SL with teleporting to different major party zone backdrops including Times Square.

  3. @Samantha: I have something better in mind: using the "real" walking of the avatar, controlled by the user, to trigger click and drag actions on the prim(s) displaying Street View. Passing clicks and drags to these prims would require appropriate LSL extensions, which may be already implemented (I haven't checked yet).

    The Streen View display device (a big cube, cilinder or something) could follow the movement of a group of users inside it, to keep them inside. And of course we should think of the best way to sync what different users inside see: this application does require some degree of syncing, but does not require full syncing.

    Rich SL-Web mashups like this implementation of Street View as a multiuser metaverse within SL could be real killer apps. Too bad I don't have the time to code this myself. How about a joint project?

    Thanks deepsemaphore!

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