Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Second Life, Viewer 2.0

Of course the first thing I tried is Youtube on a prim, and it worked (sort of). This opens up many new possibilities in Second Life.

Second test: I made this webcam avatar attachment, a real augmentationist wet dream. It is very simple, open a ustream account and assign one of the media stream feeds to a face of a prim. Here I used the pop-up window feed: http://www.ustream.tv/channel-popup/giulioprisco


  1. Wait, if I have streaming from my webcam then I can have my actual face and facial expressions moment by moment, right?

  2. Right. This was not possible before SL2.0 because there was a limit of one media stream per parcel. Now you can wear your realtime webcam feed all the time, and SL can be used for videoconferencing.

    In principle, of course -- I have not tested what happens when 100 users display their realtime webcam feed, it would eat a lot of bandwidth.

  3. Most fun way I have seen SLSM used yet!

  4. @Gianna: I am already seeing many similar examples. Wearing a realtime video feed is useful for videoconference-like applications.

    My ideal SL avatar would be similar to the default "Simple Shape" avatar in Teleplace: a simplified and vaguely humanoid silhouette without any gender related cues, with options to display a picture or a realtime video feed. I have often found that the elaborated humanoid avatars in SL are seen as a minus instead of a plus by "serious business and educational users", whatever that means.

  5. several questions:
    a:: does it support only quicktime streams
    b: could you post the code or a permanent link to the code from within secondlife.

    several comments::
    a: i use webcam max because it has oodles of features
    b: i use livestream because the maximum free user bandwith
    c: i use OpenlifeR17-SX.msi viewer because it has been optimized from white paper up to focus on fps
    &" youtube search for openlife gathering code

    i will be incredibly sad if no one shows me code on how to do these things ;)

  6. This is really interesting. For a few years now we have been trying these kinds of techniques on OneClimate island to facilitate video conferencing between RL and SL. But we have always been defeated by the delay of 10 seconds or so in the live video. Aren't you having the same problem with ustream? Ideally we could use the video stream from services like Skype video which are realtime, but how to get that on a prim? Any idea most welcome. (Peter Armstrong).

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