Friday, June 18, 2010

New Teleplace release 3.5, with enhancements and new features

Teleplace has just released a new major upgrade, version 3.5.

The full 3.5 release notes are here:

There are many improvements in both functions and implementation. The main new functions are:
- Echo cancellation and many VoIP improvements. Of course clear and easy to use VoIP is one of the main requirements for successful telepresence meetings.
- A secure room video broadcast feature (beta), useful for very large events like seminars and conferences. This feature permits distributing large crowds in different halls and delivering the same video and audio stream to all.
- Integration with Microsoft SharePoint.
- And many other new features and performance tuning fixes.

With this new release, Teleplace consolidates its leadership in the online collaborative 3D telepresence and videoconferencing space.

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