Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Second Life refugees in Blue Mars

I have been in Blue Mars since the very early beta, but I have never been very active and only visited it once a month or so. I guess I am just waiting to see how the platform develops.

The new version has voice chat and an option to have the camera follow the avatar, similar to the standard Second Life camera. Voice chat works well, in the picture I am talking to two Second Life refugees, one very knowledgeable about technical issues, the other with a very nice dress she made herself (yes, you can create in Blue Mars like in Second Life, it is just less immediate and requires different 3D design tools).

I am still following the development of Blue Mars with interest. With many new regions (cities), voice and Flash content, it is becoming more and more suitable for the applications I am interested in. There are always users in the welcome area, and the discussions are becoming similar to those in SL. I wonder whether Blue Mars can capture large numbers of disenchanted Second Life users.

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