Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video - Videoconferencing and realtime collaboration in Second Life

This is a simple example of videoconferencing and realtime collaboration in Second Life, which extends and details my previous post Video - Simple videoconferencing demo in Second Life, posted last week. Audio in Italian.

This demo has been done using the Shared Media feature of Viewer 2.x and integration with external services. Three participants have a videoconference in Second Life using live video streams from respectively Ustream, Livestream and, and use Google Apps for collaborative work: they watch together a PPT -like presentation available on the web, and edit together a document using the new realtime co-editing feature in Google docs.

The demo shows that some essential videoconferencing, realtime collaboration and co-editing applications features of business and e-learning oriented platforms like Teleplace could, with some tweaking of the platform, be implemented also in Second Life.

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