Monday, January 10, 2011

metafuturing SL

metafuturing SL (2006 – 2010) was a company registered in Spain, founded by Giulio Prisco and specialized in Second Life, Metaverse consulting and development, Game Engines and Virtual Reality. The company had 4 partners, 5 staff and a network of freelance collaborators, partners and subcontractors. One of the first European Second Life solution providers, metafuturing SL had a worldwide portfolio of clients including very high profile firms and organizations.
See the old metafuturing blog (in Spanish) hosted by the science and technology magazine Tendencias21. The company had many high profile clients, including prestigious organizations, universities, banks and global firms.
In 2008 metafuturing SL diversified with other consulting projects and design / development projects in other 3D / VR platforms such as OpenSimulator, Unity3D, and CryEngine.
The company ceased operations in 2010, a few months after the founder left Spain.