Friday, March 23, 2012

Good bye Fred, see you soon

Fred Chamberlain III recently had his brain placed into cryostasis at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale.

Chronosphere says: "Frederick Rockwell Chamberlain, III was and is of absolutely critical importance to cryonics." He was is also a pioneer of the new science of cybernetic life, and of absolutely critical importance to us, his friends.

Fred and Linda Chamberlain incorporated Alcor in 1972; the minutes of those early Alcor meetings can be viewed by those who might be interested. "His physical presence will be missed by many friends, biological family and chosen family until technology allows a future instantiation to be with us once again," Linda says.

Fred had a great first life, and I am honored to be his friend. In the picture he is wearing a shirt with "Mind uploading - the ultimate out of body experience!" I took this picture at the the Terasem monthly gathering and annual graduation in Vermont, last october. This is how I want to remember Fred, until next time: smiling, in a beautiful sunny day, full of enthusiasm for a wonderful future.

"Though I will have to carry on alone for both of us for a short while before we see each other in cyberspace, Fred is still part of all of us in the Terasem Collective Consciousness and we will continue to enjoy his warm creativity again soon as well as through his poetry and many writings," says Linda. "As they say on the Star Pebble, See you in the next cycle."

The great Truths of Terasem weekly podcasts, by Fred and Linda, is available on iTunes, and transcripts are available on the Truths of Terasem podcasts website.


  1. Fred is an inspiration to live your life engaged and appreciative all the way, as if you’ll be around for the long haul. His recognition of the feasibility of mind uploading took away an sense of pessimism or detachment from life that many feel as they age and consider their personal future. He was always energetic, positive, science, progress, and sustainability oriented. He acted as if he might be coming back. I’m proud to have met him and corresponded with him on several occasions in his “first life”, and I hope to see him and Linda again in their second, universe willing.

  2. So do I, John. I don't think the universe is able (yet) to will something. But we are, and we will become the universe's will, and love.